Thursday, January 29, 2009

I picked up the framed paintings today, and I like them. Here they are!
I like "Art"s frame. It makes the painting tougher. "Faith" looks more playful with the red frame and the religion one looks more like a whole now.

Monday, January 26, 2009


One thing is sure, I have to read through what I have written before posting...... Sorry, about that. But I hope you can guess what I am trying to say. OK?

Life is good

How wonderful it is when feeling happy! I feel extra happy and excited today, full of energy and life feels just good. I am part of an Artist Showing next month at M.Coffee in Half Moon Bay. It is "my" wonderful art teacher Connie Andrews, who so generously invited a couple of amateurs to show their artwork. I am so much looking forward to this. When I have picked up my items from framing I will show them here.
I have been buying stuff for Moa today. She has to have her own bed, collar and toys. My friend Betsy will get dog food for her. 
Life is just good and I feel like I have taken care of this day.
Off to clean Freeway's and Pepper's cage, my rats.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Since most of my family and friends can speak and read English I will mostly use this language. But occasionally  I will switch to Swedish. Sometimes it is difficult to express myself in a foreign language. We'll see how it goes.
Right now I am very excited about the new puppy we are bringing home on Friday. Her name is Moa, a Swedish name, and she is a Golden Retriever. We hope Neo will be a good older brother to her. Neo is our current dog, also a Golden Retriever, 2 years old.

First time - first try

This will be interesting.